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Mauna Lani, an Auberge Resorts Collection property, is more than just a resort; it's a sacred oasis nestled along the stunning Kohala Coast of Hawaii. Surrounded by the spiritual energy of five great mountains, Mauna Lani has long been a cherished destination for families and friends, offering a soulful land once revered by Hawaiian royalty. This resort is not just a place to stay; it's a journey into the heart of Hawaiian culture and natural beauty.

Embrace the Mana of Mauna Lani

At Mauna Lani, every moment is infused with the mana, or spiritual energy, that has endured through time. From greeting the morning sun as it rises above the mountains in an outrigger canoe to sharing stories with friends old and new on the Great Lawn, guests are invited to connect with the land and its rich history. The resort's location in the piko, or spiritual center, of Hawaii's great mountains, makes it a unique destination for those seeking a deeper connection with nature and heritage.

Luxurious Accommodations and Whale Watching Adventures

Mauna Lani offers luxurious accommodations where guests can enjoy the #1 resort experience on the Island of Hawai'i. The resort welcomes the whale season every winter, providing guests with the extraordinary opportunity to witness thousands of humpback whales and their calves just offshore. Through Kainalu Ocean Sports, guests can embark on a respectful journey to witness these majestic creatures in their natural habitat, creating memories that will last a lifetime.

Ocean Adventures and Culinary Delights

The resort is a haven for ocean lovers, offering guided adventures with Kainalu Ocean Sports and opportunities for solo snorkeling in Mauna Lani’s swimmable beach. The vibrant reef brimming with tropical marine life and expansive lawns provide the perfect backdrop for adventure and relaxation. Culinary experiences at Mauna Lani are equally impressive, with beloved dining venues like CanoeHouse offering breathtaking views of the Pacific. Guests can start their day with Kona coffee and ube pancakes at HāLani, enjoy a smash burger from Surf Shack, and cap off the evening with inventive cocktails and dishes at CanoeHouse.

Golf, Culture, and Private Beachfront Residences

Mauna Lani isn't just about relaxation and dining; it's also a golfer's paradise with award-winning courses where the green meets the sea. The resort's commitment to culture and heritage allows guests to learn the stories behind its legendary history. For those seeking an exclusive island retreat, the private beachfront residences at Mauna Lani offer remarkable amenities and iconic beachside villas, providing the ultimate vantage point of paradise.

A Journey of Discovery at Mauna Lani

Mauna Lani offers a unique opportunity to cultivate an intimate relationship with the land and sea. It's a place where guests can organically connect with the storied place and the people that make it special. Whether you're seeking adventure, relaxation, or a deeper understanding of Hawaiian culture, Mauna Lani promises an extraordinary experience that goes beyond the ordinary.

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